Super Straight

A “movement” that lasted a moment


On Feb. 21, TikToker Kyleroyce posted a video announcing his new sexuality. His created sexuality was defined as “Super Straight” also known as “SS”. The definition is “A man or women who only dates/has sexual interest in cis-genders of the opposite sex.”

This video went viral with over two million likes before it was deleted. In the video, Royce described how he was tired of people calling him transphobic for not wanting to date a transgender woman, so now others can’t judge him because it’s just his sexuality.

With the video blowing up, social media spread it around like wildfire. The LGBTQ+ community was very offended with Royce’s claim. Being straight doesn’t come with the same challenges others may have with other sexualities. To come out with a new sexuality when so many others physically cannot come out due to abusive families, religions, and relationships, can be damaging when claiming a whole part of the LGBTQ+ community isn’t valid in who they are.

Dallas Prouty, a sophomore, was appalled by the stupidity of the moment. Prouty is a member of the LGBTQ+ community, as a bisexual.

“I heard about it through TikTok comments and people’s stories on Snapchat,” Prouty said. “It’s just a way to be more close minded and everything phobic than they already are.”

While many see this as a joke, there’s no denying the truth. Dating a trans man or woman doesn’t make anyone less straight. People supporting the SS movement claim that a trans woman isn’t a real woman and a trans man isn’t a real man. This is scientifically inaccurate if the person has transitioned. The only difference is they cannot have biological children.

Whether or not you want to date a trans person, bringing a fragile community down by invalidating their identity is cruel. “It affects them in a lot of ways and can really invalidate them. It can also be extremely mentally damaging.” Prouty said.

While the super straight trend came and went, it’s clear the damage trends like this can do to a community is tremendous.