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Unknown Artists

Five artists you should be following more closely

Artists are mostly not known enough for their artwork throughout the world. With the different types of styles and tools, you could potentially see the brushes, details and effort they put in for each of their designs. As an artist posts their art on social media, it is hard for them to be noticed by other people. Here I have 5 artists you should follow more closely for their art pieces on Instagram.


Nanataroo_14 is an artist who started their art around July 2023 on Instagram. They are from Japan and do digital art on the illustration of other characters from games and other shows or their original characters which are mostly drawn in traditional clothes. One of the popular pieces they drew was posted on Oct. 24, 2023, and has 3,537 likes. It is a red-haired character touching a sunflower above it which could show some connection to nature. What’s unique about it is that most of the characters that they drew usually wear some sort of traditional clothes on them.

Linda Qin

Linda Qin, an inking artist, started their Instagram account around July 2020 and has 16 thousand followers. They are in Germany, and their art is mostly on animals and illustrations. One of the most popular artworks that she made was on Oct. 8, 2023, with 28,704 likes. Her art piece was a wolf with its head up swimming in red water and underneath it were its skeleton bones. The colors used for this art are mostly black, white and red. What’s unique about the colors is that the black and white, show contrast in the art. But with the red added to it, it creates an emphasis and makes the art pop out more than it should.


Iyne is an oil pastel artist in Thailand. She started her account around March 2022 and has 43.9k followers. Most of her artwork is nature and flowers. One of her most popular pieces has 480K, and it was an oil pastel of 5 jellyfish that are pink, purple, orange, blue and yellow. What is unique about those 5 jellyfish is that they have their different looks instead of being the same.


Caitlin does digital art that is mostly focused on drawing cute animals. She started on Instagram in the United States around Oct. 2017 and has 6,013 followers. One of the popular pieces that she created has 18,675 likes and it was a character named Jiji who is on the shelf pointing happily at a cup that has a cat figure on it. Jiji is a cat that is a sidekick of a girl named Kiki who is known as the main character of the animated film called Kiki’s delivery service. It was also Caitlin’s favorite character from any of the Ghibli films that’s why she drew it but with small cute patterns around it as a border.


Rafaza is a digital artist who started in March 2021 and is based in Germany. Rafaza has 45.2K followers and most of their main focus is illustration and character design. One of their most popular pieces she made was on April 13, 2023, and has about 95,673 likes. Their artwork was a designed character with orange clothes and a gas mask with bugs on it. What is unique about it is the art style and the line art of how it is created. You can probably tell or get a creative idea of what it could be about by the look of it.

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About the Contributor
Lily Yang
Lily Yang, Staff Writer
Lily Yang is a junior at Fond du Lac High School who likes art. Lily was born in Minnesota and moved to Wisconsin when she was six. In her free time, Lily likes to draw, listen to music, write stories, and read. She was inspired by many artists around the world and hopes to continue doing art in the future.