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Opinion on Valentines Movies

Student opinions on their favorite Romantic Movies

Don’t know what to watch on Valentine’s Day? You want to watch a romantic movie, but you don’t know which one? Here are some favorites and what people think about them!

Noah Vander Grinten
The Notebook

“It shows that love is always complicated but worth pushing through the struggles to the joy at the end.”

Jayla Varnado
Five Feet Apart

“It’s my favorite romantic movie because of how he sacrificed his life for the girl to live longer and how they spent their time together. They still lived their lives like they were normal teenagers even though they had this disease called cystic fibrosis. Their doctor let them see each other, but it was also sad because they had to stay five feet away from each other for their disease to not get worse than it already is. They were so in love like the kind of love you see in teenage movies but stronger and more emotions and sadness and joy and excitement, and it forever will be my all-time favorite romance movie.”

Annika Kreis
The Princess Bride

“I like it because it feels like a more grown-up version of Disney princess movies, and it’s something that never gets old. The characters are interesting with their own stories, and the plot is well paced. My favorite part is after they roll down the hill and the girl finds out her lover isn’t dead—10/10 great watch.”

Lily Keys
To All the Boys I Loved Before

“This is one of my favorite romantic movies because, at the end of each movie, it shows the trust that was formed in their relationship. In the first movie, they were in a fake relationship to make the guy’s ex jealous. They both had no feelings towards each other until towards the end of the movie. Throughout the movie series, they started dating and became the cutest couple ever. It was like any typical romance movie with teenage love, but stronger.”

Alec Johnson
Forest Gump

“It’s a different side to romance.”

Carissa Bell
Money Can’t Buy Me Love

“Money Can’t Buy Me Love is one of my favorite romance movies because it is very emotional and realistic. There aren’t moments where it’s just the boy and girl falling in love and everything is suddenly fixed in their lives. There are ups and downs in their relationship, and they have to power through together. I love the realism that the movie holds about high school relationships and navigating the teenage years.”

Mylee Becker
The Proposal

“I love how well Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock work together. My favorite part is when Sandra Bullock is dancing around the fire pit with Betty White.”

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Mya Leisering
Mya Leisering, Staff Writer
Mya Leisering is a senior, and it's her first year as a journalist. She won Grand Champion twice with her alpaca Smores in the summer of 2022. When she is not at school she is working at Festival Foods or working with Smores.