We Want Answers

The uncertainty of COVID-19


Alissa Eckert, MS; Dan Higgins, MAMS

COVID-19 is ruining our lives. It might sound like teen angst, but this virus, or more specifically, the uncertainty that came with the virus, has been messing with high schoolers’ lives. Most importantly, the class of 2020.
All we’ve been given are questions. What is the virus? How can we avoid it? Are we going to go back to school this year? Every answer to these questions is met with an “I don’t know”. The uncertainty of this situation has left many in the class of 2020 wondering if they will even get a graduation ceremony.
To some extent, I understand why the school board is hesitant to give us answers. This virus has already infected many people in our community, and it is still spreading as it is. They want to avoid as much sicknesses as possible since this virus is so contagious. However, it’s a lot to ask teenagers in the country to put their lives on hold, especially when they have no clue how much they have to give up, and for how long.
“ Did I already have my last day of high school? I honestly don’t know,” says Rachel Hencke, Managing Editor for the Cardinal Columns. Hencke, and many other seniors at Fond du Lac High School are upset with all that is being taken away from them. It is also frustrating that nobody can give them an answer for anything.
“It’s not the virus that’s scary, it’s the uncertainty of the next coming months or maybe even year. I might never step foot in the high school again and I might not have a prom. It’s stealing my senior year,” senior Megan Roehrig said.
Although the seniors are having the hardest time, everyone else at the high school is suffering too. I was supposed to take 2 Advanced Placement tests in May, both of which I paid $98.00 for. Now, students have to test their test online due to this virus. The nice thing about taking these AP tests online is that we don’t have to write long essays. But why did I spend so much time learning how to write these essays? I feel like because of this virus so much time was wasted.
Another problem is sports. The fall and winter sports already had their chance to compete this season, but what about those who participate in spring sports? People in track, boys golf, baseball and softball are all missing out on their season. This is especially rough on the seniors and juniors who do these sports. For seniors, this is their last season and they would’ve gotten the chance to spend it with their teammates.
This is also hard on juniors though because college scouts can finally start recruiting/looking at players in their junior year, but now that they don’t have a season it’s hard for these athletes to show off what they can do.
I think the question everyone wants answered is, what’s going to happen next? Are we going back to school? Are we going to continue online schooling for the rest of the year? Will there be prom and graduation for the seniors?
At some point, we need answers to these questions. We might not like the answers, but it beats the uncertainty of this situation.