Photography Contest This Week!

Cake Contest Victory goes to Heidi and Jordan Shultz

Thank you so much to everyone that submitted their cake designs! We had so much fun seeing everyone’s sweet submissions! Everyone’s cakes were incredibly well done, but only one cake could come out on top. Congratulations to Heidi and Jordan Shultz on your incredible cake design! You’ve won a $10 gift card! Also, great job to Jack Siebert for being our runner-up!
To those of you that didn’t win, don’t be discouraged! There will be another contest for you this upcoming week! This week, we are having a photography contest, so get out your cameras! Send us your awesome pictures through our email [email protected] or our Instagram @cardinalcolumns. The prize will be a $10 Amazon gift card! To inspire some awesome photography, your category will be “focus on the good”. We are excited to see what you come up with!

How to enter:

Following the category “focus on the good”, snap a photo!
Share it with the Cardinal Columns email ([email protected]) or send your submission by messaging our Instagram @cardinalcolumns
We are only going to allow one submission per person, so only send us one picture.

When to enter by:

Today, on May 16th, you can begin submitting your photography
Make sure to have your picture in by Saturday, May 23th at 5pm
Again, you can either share your picture with our email or on Instagram so you can enter to win the $10 gift card!


Be school appropriate!
Be creative!
Ideas are endless!
Stay tuned for more contests! Go Fondy!


Winning Cake from Heidi and Jordan Shultz (followed by a handful of other entries):

Heidi and Jordan Schultz
Jack Siebert
Maisey Wilhems
Sydney Petrie
Michelle Roberts
Calli Haus
Matthew Sesing
Lauren Bean