NFL Playoff Predictions


Damian Albrecht, Staff Writer

Going into the 2020 playoffs, the 12 teams still left are the Packers, Saints, Vikings, Eagles, Seahawks, 49ers, Kansas City, Texans, Bills, Ravens, Titans and the Patriots.

In the first round of the playoffs, the Titans beat the Patriots 20-13. The Texans beat the Bills; coming back down 16 at the half, they won 22-19. The Vikings had the big upset on the Saints on the game-winning touchdown by Kyle Rudolph they win 26-20. The Seahawks beat the Eagles 17-9.

The 49ers, Packers, Chiefs, and Ravens all had a first-round bye.

I think the superbowl will be between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Packers. I say that because the Chiefs have the best chance to actually be able to beat the Ravens. I say the Packers because they are the sleepers in this playoffs. I feel the packers will be ready for any challenge that’s in front of them. Anything is possible to happen in the NFL.

I feel that this playoffs is time for the Packers to prove everyone wrong and win the superbowl. Since the Packers regular season record was the best by their new head coach, I feel if Rodgers and LaFleur are on the same page, they could make a good case to win the superbowl.

The Packers will have to get through Settle this week and either to the Vikings  or 49ers if they beat the Seahawks. The last time the Vikings played the 49ers, Vikings vs 49ers, the Vikings won 24-16 .