Chalk Art Contest!

Submit photos on Instagram @cardinalcolumns or to [email protected]


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Colorful chalks with broken pastel particles on a blackboard.

Bored out of your mind? Are quarantine blues getting you down? The Cardinal Columns are creating contests every week of May! Every Friday we will post a winner. That winner gets the chance to win a $10 Amazon gift card! Keep posted for new contests every week on or our Instagram, @cardinalcolumns.
The first contest begins May 2nd!

Calling all artists! The Cardinal Columns is hosting a chalk art contest!

How to enter:

When to enter:

  • Enter by Thursday, May 7th at 8 pm.
  • Make sure to have your chalk art design in by May 7th.
  • Again, you can either share your art with our email or on Instagram so you can enter to win the $10 gift card!


  • Be school appropriate!
  • Be creative!
  • Ideas are endless!

Stay tuned for more contests! Go Fondy!