Development of Fondy Through the eyes of Bill Morgan


Christian Woznick, Art Director

Social studies teacher Bill Morgan has been with the district for 25 years and believes that Fondy High, at which he has taught since it opened, has improved since its opening and will continue to improve for years to come. Since the school is only in its 18th year of being open, Morgan started in Sabish back when it used to be a junior high school and transfer to the high school with three other teachers. Mr. McDowell, Flasch and himself came anyone of the 18 teachers required to move up to the high school to remove the junior high system. When I asked him how he felt transferring which he preferred. He said it was a good change.

“I like them both because I enjoy the energy of the middle schools, but I enjoy the deeper talks with high school students because of their higher level of knowledge,” Mr. Morgan said. 

What are some of the changes you’ve noticed during your time here?

He listed the types of changes the school has faced since the opening like at the beginning of this school had 20 min. homeroom/club which was eventually changed into cardinal time. This change happened due to the fact that homeroom only wasn’t considered educational time, and they didn’t reach the new requirement of educational time. Also, the days were shorter as it was 8-3:15. He said the pep assembly has improved throughout the years as they weren’t as organized earlier on. Also, the number of students has decreased since opening as it used to exceed 2,500 students and now only barely exceeding more than 2,000 students.

 What does not like about school now?

He has listed some of the faults with the changes to the school. For example, he said cardinal time has never really met its original purpose for enrichment but instead is used as a study hall. He also feels that even with the larger student body he felt there was more of a community then compared to now.

How has the leadership of the school changed in high school?

Morgan mentioned was about how the leadership of the school’s principals. He mentioned how Mrs. Merwin was perfect for the position as the first principal and was the reason it felt more community-driven as she focused on team building. He also feels Mr. Steinbarth has good qualities as a leader. The one thing he stated these two had in common was an overall vision of how the school should be.