Should Marijuana be Legalized

Should Marijuana be Legalized


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Should marijuana be legalized in Wisconsin?

Should Wisconsin go the highway? On February 15, Governor Tony Evers layout the budget of the new marijuana bill.
On February 7 2021 Governor Evers proposed his 2021-2023 budget for the state of Wisconsin. He received support from Democrats, but backlash from Republicans. If this gets passed, it will allow people 21 and older to smoke recreational marijuana.
Wisconsin would join 15 other states that allow marijuana to be fully legalized. The budget for this bill includes marijuana being taxed. Governor Evers tried to pass a similar bill in 2019. He tried for medical marijuana to be legal, but it was shut down by Republicans.
In a survey asking students if they support legalizing marijuana 115 students at Fond du Lac high school said they would support marijuana and 27 students said they would not support if Wisconsin legalized marijuana.
Logan Edmonds a Senior at Fond du Lac high school is a supporter of legalized marijuana. ¨The second important thing legalizing cannabis will do is boost the economy. The cannabis market is growing at a very fast rate, and many jobs are being created in the industry. More jobs are always a good thing. Legalizing cannabis also means we can regulate it and tax it. This allows us to keep harmful cannabis off the market more effectively. We can also tax legal cannabis, which will help our state government get the funds it needs to run the state effectively,¨ Logan said in an email.