Dressing the part

Local Senior creates her own Prom dress


Something spectacular happened on April 23 of this year. Not only was this the first time in Two years that Fondy held a ¨normal¨ prom, but we also saw someone go out of their way to show their artistic and creative talent. Senior Nora Otte created her own dress, which she made out of scarves she had been collecting for awhile.

She said that she had ¨collected the scarves over the years having the dress in mind.” Nora can date her first scarf as far back as her freshman year, as that is when the idea first started taking form. However, the dress only took a week to create. 

Nora Otte is someone who heavily enjoys Hollywood and Broadway culture, so when asked about what inspired the dress’s design she said that it was Drew Barrymore´s dress at the Everafter Gala in 1998. That wasn´t the only thing that inspired the dress.

¨I also wanted to be more sustainable and save money¨ she said. Save money Nora did, as she estimates that the project as a whole probably cost her $35.

Everywhere she went that night people were gushing over how lovely the dress was, and asking her questions about her creation. Nora felt the same way she loved the dress and was very proud of how it had tuned out.

¨I will continue to upcycle and make my own clothes,” she said.