Los importante interpreters

Interpreters are very much needed as we continue to get children who need them.

The 2020-2021 school year has been crazy for everyone, while diversity is expanding in the high school interpreters are needed for everyday classes.
Stephanie Gonzalez is a fully virtual interpreter. “It’s very frustrating to have all my classes via Goggle Meets,” Gonzalez said. She also explains there are multiple times when the class will go silent and she has to figure out the problem.
Due to the malfunctions of video conferences, she doesn’t know if her students are getting the help they need or if they are there solely for attendance. Not only that, she also misses the bonds she made with her students when she was here in the school. Gonzalez also mentions that she thinks as we all head back into five days, less social distant space, and many who don’t have the proper vaccination, the spread of covid could increase.

People didn’t become teachers to look at a screen all day

— Mrs. Gonzalez


“They became teachers to make a difference in people’s lives.” She explains that her school day includes jumping in and out of other calls to help the people who need her to help interpret what the speaker is saying.
The next interpreter we have at the high school is Pedro Arellano is a Spanish speaking interpreter. He helps a lot of kids who need him by starting a Zoom meeting and making them join so then he doesn’t disturb the rest of the class and the kids get what they need to make it through the class.
As the classes are smaller, Arellano said, ”fewer kids mean more time for each.” The classes that need him more would be the main classes that the kids need to graduate that would include math, English, social studies and science.
Arellano has very mixed feelings about everyone coming back to school because he believes that all the teachers should have been given the vaccine before coming back.
“I hope we don’t reach the point where they will regret that decision,”

I hope we don’t reach the point where they will regret that decision

— Mr. Arellano

said. His choice to be an interpreter for the high school because he loves languages and challenges.
These two people are very much needed and appreciated for all they do.