Fondy’s Thoughts on Recent Impeachment Trial

On February 13, the Senate decided to acquit former President Trump with a 57-43 vote. But how did students at Fondy feel about the impeachment? In a survey with 88 respondents, 53.7% said yes, he should have been impeached. The other 46.3% think no, he shouldn’t have been. This is fairly close to the national average. According to ABC News, 56% of Americans believe he should’ve been convicted.

With an open-ended question asking them to explain, there were many different responses.

Most who think he should have been impeached said things along the lines of how he took a while to respond to the riots on January 6, and how he refused to accept the results of the election which made him urge his supporters to overthrow it.

The general theme of those who answered that he shouldn’t have been impeached was that Trump told his supporters to peacefully protest, so he can’t be directly connected to the violence that happened. There are also comparisons being made with the Black Lives Matter protests, saying those were praised, while Republican protesters are being criticized.