2020’s Saving Grace

The McRib is Back!


Covid took away our Thanksgiving. It ruined Halloween, separated us from our friends and cancelled every event you can name. Although Covid-19 has managed to kill or cancel every exciting event in some fashion, there is one thing that Covid-19 cannot outdo: The McRib. The McRib sandwich is McDonald’s famous sandwich that contains the McRib pork patty, a homestyle bun, pickle slices and onions. The McRib sandwich is an icon to the McDonald’s brand, and it only comes once a year. With all of that being said, is it worth your time to try out the McRib this year? Whether you know it or not, you need to get your hands on this sandwich.

As teenagers, the first thing we always want to know about a sandwich, or anything we buy for that matter, is usually the price. We don’t have the money to buy things that are overpriced unless we absolutely know we want them. The McRib will be selling at $3.89, or $5.90 for a combo meal with fries and a drink. For the amount of sustenance the sandwich has, this is a reasonable price.

The next key component to objectifying any food is the nutrition facts. The McRib has 480 calories, 24 grams of protein, 22 grams of fat, 12 grams of sugar and 45 grams of carbohydrates. This makes it healthier than other McDonald’s options such as the Big Mac, which has 60 more calories than the McRib.

The final, and perhaps most important component of the McRib: the taste. The McRib is an absolutely delicious sandwich, even though it technically isn’t made with real ribs. It’s made with shoulder meat from pork, and it is complemented beautifully with barbecue sauce. The onions add the perfect crunchy aspect, and the pickles top it all off along with the homestyle bun. A combination of sauces, condiments and meat gives the McRib it’s own unique taste and smell, unlike any of the other items at McDonald’s.

Overall, the McRib is an iconic sandwich that remains unmatched. It’s annual appearances leave its fans waiting eagerly for its arrival, and it’s always a big hit when it arrives. It has a fantastic taste for a reasonable price, and it’s definitely worth a try.