Passion for Music

Alvaro’s love for music continues to grow


The Passion for music started for Alvaro Ramirez when he was 10. He learned how to play piano, bass, guitar and the drums. He gained inspiration from his uncles. He started playing in school band and started playing outside of school.
Ramirez quickly learned that drumming was a passion of his. He started playing with family, a band of sorts.
“My biggest influences are Van Halen and AC/DC,” he said. “We play a lot of rock, metal and some variations of Hispanic music.’
Drumming became his biggest passion, and now Ramirez is considering pursuing it further. Over the summer, he played in a small band, and they gave small performances. This served as good experience and a lot of fun.
Now Ramirez is 15 and still participating in school band as well as performing out of school. “I guess I would say it’s possibly a career one day,” he said.