Virtual Reality

Teachers and Students at FHS begin their journey of virtual learning and teaching


Willow Vellema, Reporter

Along with the many uncertainties of 2020, Fond du Lac High School has allowed both teachers and students to do school from home. This year 350 students have opted to learn remotely, in addition to 10 teachers. 

Some of these students and teachers say the lack of communication has made for a challenging year so far.

Art teacher Nicole Hawkins and family and consumer sciences teacher Kimberly Clark opted to remote teach due to their compromised immune systems.

Hawkins said she has had a rather hard time due to students’ lack of communication and work.

The first week was very tough, but it’s slowly getting better.

— Lindsey Mulder

“Every week it gets harder because there are more and more missing assignments,” Hawkins said. “ I don’t even know what to do. I ask nicely, I make things super clear, I explain things over and over, but still… half of my students don’t turn in their work.”

Hawkins also finds herself doing more work this semester than any of her nine years of teaching. Besides students not doing work, teachers are also struggling with the lack of face to face interaction.

“I love having discussions and getting to know students,” Clark said. However, it has been difficult for her being away from her students.

Junior Lindsey Mulder in Clark’s developing personal skills class, said a positive of having a remote teacher is the extra in-class work time.

“The first week was very tough, but it’s slowly getting better,” she said.“I’m glad the teachers are doing their best to help us out during this odd time, it’s not easy for any of us.”