Planning Through a Pandemic

Marching band directors make marching band work, despite COVID-19 changes


Samantha Giese, Reporter

Even with COVID-19 completely canceling certain events and clubs at Fondy, the marching band found a way to meet while following safety guidelines.

Band directors Christopher Barnes and Jacob Opperman were in charge of planning. There was still a group of students who wanted to participate, without knowing if they would perform.

The students managed to put together a challenging show, learn marching fundamentals, play great music and participate in something with old and new friends alike!” Opperman said. “Planning was a nightmare, but we were happy that we got the opportunity to do something.”.

Planning began in January, then COVID-19 hit and alterations had to be made. 

Even when it became more apparent that things would end up being canceled, Barnes and Opperman stayed optimistic, and the students were still interested in being a part of the group.

The show, The Avengers, was specifically made with the Coronavirus safety guidelines in mind. For example, musicians could stay six feet apart while performing. 

Students still got to learn the fundamentals, and they worked as a group to create music.

It was a big deal for me to see the group come together and have an awesome season with all of the challenges that we faced as a group,” Barnes said.